“Astonishing, curious, human?” with Chat GPT | The Curious Advantage Podcast

This week Paul, Simon, and Garrick interviewed ChatGPT directly and had AI read the responses. In this interview, ChatGPT generated the questions and answered them. The result is surprising, coherent, thought-provoking, and worth listening to. Download the full transcript as a PDF. Are you curious? Subscribe today! Join the conversation, connect with the authors, and […]

Now Available in Audiobook

Since the launch of the book in the summer of 2020, The Curious Advantage has continued to be a bestseller and its supporting podcast is winning awards and has over 50,000 listeners. We believe curiosity should be accessible to everyone, which is why we’re proud to announce The Curious Advantage, narrated by Joshua Manning, is now available on […]

“52 Weeks of Worship – Lessons in Belief, Learning and Leadership” with Pamay Bassay | The Curious Advantage Podcast

In this fascinating episode, Simon Brown, Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones are joined by Pamay Bassey, entrepreneur, executive, world traveler, educator, writer, comedian, philosopher and Chief Learning Officer for the Kraft Heinz Company! How can leaders create a culture of continuous learning and drive the company’s global learning and development strategy and initiatives? What is […]